May you all see the video, the ninth  final part, with great

REFLECTION  upon the future outcome of the result hoping it will be the right one under the influence of the PRAYERS that will be activated for the right decision to be taken. Human all by himself is not sufficient to make the right decision, that is why the help of the THOUGHT PRAYERS will be very useful especially in time of great difficulties and turbulent thought waves combined with human stresses….Remember that the video was produce in 2016 with a lot of changes that can be seen between then and now.



What is being said lead to this thought  our editor personified with what you see, and what is said; it goes for everyone who is in politics…. To see and read better the graphic board click on it.

The reality of all this event is this :  The young man we see sit with his mother is no more with her on the visible world of our. Him along with the other are the one who decided to do something about the crises that was on board.

To all the departed may you all be remembered with a special





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