May you all see the video, the fifth part with more to come, with great REFLECTION upon the future outcome of the result hoping it will be the right one under the influence of the PRAYERS that will be activated for the right decision to be taken. Human all by himself is not sufficient to make the right decision, that is why the help of the THOUGHT PRAYERS will be very useful especially in time of great difficulties and turbulent thought waves combined with human stresses….Remember that the video was produce in 2016 with a lot of changes that can be seen between then and now.


What is being said lead to this thought  our editor personified with what you see, and what is said; it goes for everyone who is in politics…. To see and read better the graphic board click on it.

When the scenario of all the events that took place are translated into pictures, the DIVINE PROVIDENCE can better be seen in the play, no matter what kind of a person in authority is in – charge to look after the people of a nation, HE does what HIS JUDGEMENT is to be delivered; pointing out the reality of this truth : a person may hide himself from a human authority but cannot hide from the GREAT SPIRIT WHO knows everything.

The way the DIVINE PROVIDENCE exercises its play, the gesture itself tells a lot more than words spoken through any chosen human being to voice HIS WILL into actions. There it is ! The play of the scenario of LIFE speak it all for those who can read, listen and understand what is going on.

When a person who understand the nature of these scenarios of LIFE how it is unfolding and keep his whole EXISTENCE fully prepared, then he can better deal and make the best move out of it as a GREAT CONQUEROR the whole history of mankind written talks a lot about. Only the intellectual head space can always wastes its time arguing with complains instead of listening and learn. So with this kind of happening, the snake bite that get done, if people caught in is what make everything so suffering and painful to live as the poison takes effect. When the work is done in preparation, the INNER SELF ENERGY is all there to support and guide whatever is needed to be done so the worse is avoided. That is what the whole play is telling everybody to hear and see.

When the satanic spirit went to visit our editor, all this play became a source of learning about how this kind of LIFE scenario is to roll on. Nobody can escape such a judgement that get delivered when enough is enough with the GREAT SPIRIT. The cries of the suffering people of the country has reach the UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS and was not happy about all this, only then HE intervene to let the person in – charge knows what HE thinks about his actions. It is when a person watch and listen by letting the play talks, his intelligence become more and more filled with LIGHT. One can only learn and grow or spent the rest of his life complaining and going through the same kind of scenario again and again until he decide to get his act together and something different with its LIFE.

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