May you all see the video, the fourth part, with great REFLECTION upon the future outcome of the result hoping it will be the right one under the influence of the PRAYERS that will be activated for the right decision to be taken. Human all by himself is not sufficient to make the right decision, that is why the help of the THOUGHT PRAYERS will be very useful especially in time of great difficulties and turbulent thought waves combined with human stresses….Remember that the video was produce in 2016 with a lot of changes that can be seen between then and now.

What is being said lead to this thought  our editor personified with what you see, and what is said; it goes for everyone who is in  politics…. To see and read better the graphic board click on it.

When it comes to PRAYERS, this is where it becomes very sensitive to every human being and the right moment for the ego to become rebellion. He doesn’t want to humble himself and recognized it limited nature: « without the help of the GREAT SPIRIT, WHO dwells in each one of us with true and real  PRESENCE if we follow what HE has prescribed us to do, to be out of trouble, it is HIS PROMISE that HE would be there to assist us in time of great difficulties and turbulence if we ask for it », so « he is bound to go for the rough path of miseries, troubles, suffering… to eventually soon or later wake up ». HIS TRUE LOVE that became FLESH and walks among us, PEOPLE of the COVENANT, has repeatedly said to be prepare through the cult of GOOD FAITH, GOOD BELIEF, GOOD PRAYER, GOOD CONDUCT toward ourselves and the neighbor, also GOOD WILL nourished with TRULOVE and OBEDIENCE to the ten COMMANDMENT of LIFE  given to us to follow if we want to survive any big situation that can take your LIFE away from each one of us. When everything is going well, greatly fill with JOY and HAPPINESS human being tend to forget these cult activities and abandon everything until the enemies show up with unexpected visit to bring troubles and turbulence. Usually to get back to these cult activities then, most of the time it is too late, the damage is already done. Too many think these cult activities mean a stop to every social pleasures such as drinking, smoking, eating, going out for adventures etc., Well, that is not necessarily true. If anyone is well established with the doing firmly and sincerely, he will be guided with the appropriate time, intensity, with the when and the how much it is O.K. to  have and experience any pleasures here and there without suffering any addiction. This is what it is call : MASTERING one’s LIFE. Just to remind each one of you, there is no record history mention in the BIBLE about smoking  in the middle east area. The American Indian develop the smoking to make the air they breathe visible choosing a right time and place with the right state of mind so they can MEDITATE a kind of THANKSGIVING THOUGHT with RESPECT to LIFE that aloud them to EXIST and not from addiction and wrong doing….

So, there it is; LIFE all together confirm this in many ways. If any electrical machine is not connected to the source it will just not work; as simple as that.

It is known in every culture and every society with no justification of whatsoever! Why do people do not listen? There has to be a cause to all this.

It doesn’t matter how much the head space will try to argue the truth about all this it still remain the answer :

The PROVERB above tells everything and how to go about correcting the cause of such REALITY. That ‘ s the work editor did when he built up his INNER MENTAL SPACE CENTER in which he has his ALTAR for his SANCTUARY; so everywhere he goes it goes with him.  Because of all this work being done,

  all together, became a good team of workers to feed, when the turbulence play took place on the 9 / 11 / 2001 and prevent the worse to happen. The Jewish people were off that day from their work because it was a holiday, which make everything questionable about how it all happen and who is all behind this; only the UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS knows everything ahead of time. Some got safe by not going to work that morning and some got trap with the situation and got safe anyway, the other unfortunately lost their LIFE savagely ; the unthinkable. What can be done, the world is full of crazy head people to do such things; to trigger the big change all around the world that let the JUDGEMENT take place anyway through all this turbulent worldly headaches that doesn’t stop which cost many LIVES in sacrifices; Not to forget a lot is going on in the HEAVENLY WORLD  to see things ahead of time warning everything, even the exact moment to many TRUE PROPHETS and SAINTS who are in tune with the HEAVENLY WORLD who warned our fragile world about it. Human being doesn’t seem to hear or listen, until the strike hit him hard in the head to wake him up.

When the events are translated into images and we let everything roll on and talk, it seems that it says a lot. In the middle of all this sick thinking going on at the authority level, the GREAT SPIRIT decided to act through all of this and have HIS JUDGEMENT taken place,

The way the GREAT SPIRIT exercises HIS WILL, also tells us something if we can read between the lines. This doing HE just did is a promise HE have said to Moses HE would do and did it.
This is another thing to remember as a PROMISE being fulfilled and accomplished.
One thing that must be kept in mind: there is what men do created himself, to be caught in such a horrible situation, and what the GREAT SPIRIT do exercises through this kind of human thinking that has to be clear is what you will be explain in the last part off the video.