Here we are in a year of election for our American neighbor who will need a lot of PRAYER so the best result, and the right choice for PRESIDENT is well chosen, not from human decision but from the DIVINE PROVIDENCE so the future is as much possible in the hand of PRAYERS. when this is well done…

NOTE : P.S. Click on the graphic to zoom in for a better look of the art.


Here is a video that our editor made for the election in 2016 in which the same can be said for this year election.


May you all see the video with great REFLECTION upon the future of the outcome of  the result hoping it will be the right one under the influence of the PRAYERS that will be activated for the right decision to be taken. Human all by himself is not sufficient to make the right decision that is why the help of the THOUGHT PRAYERS will be very useful especially in time of great difficulties and turbulent thought waves combined with human stresses…    Remember that the video was produce in 2016 with a lot of changes that can be seen between then and now..



What is being said lead to this thought our editor personified with what you see, and what is said; it goes to everyone who is in politics…. To see and read better the graphic board click on it.

What you have seen in the video is what history tells us about the past and how it should be remembered, when it comes to REFLECTION. It remind us what our ancestors have went through to built the world society back then in comparison to what we have today; especially when it comes to VALUES of LIFE. Something is going on in our world lately, it puts everybody under some great stresses, that question the future and where are we all going with this turbulence and world turmoils. Our neighbor American peoples have some serious REFLECTION to MEDITATE and see clearly the truth about everything by putting one’s mind into the state of  , hoping that GREAT LIGHT will come in making a serious choice about who is going to be the future PRESIDENT !